Law Enforcement Today Paper

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February 20th, 2012

The issues that our police departments face in today’s society consist of corrupt police departments, publicity, operating expenses, and constant training to meet the guidelines set by court decisions.
Corruption and brutality scandals have severely tarnished the public’s faith in the police. From the killings and brutalizing of citizens in New York City to the widespread corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department, more and more law enforcement administrators are faced with the task of reforming police department, with little guidance on how to bring about the necessary changes. This is not the first time in our country’s history that
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In addition, because of community dissatisfaction with the way policing was being conducted, police became distrusting of the public and felt that the police were under appreciated. They became cold and mechanical in the way they conducted business. This led to even more complaints from the public. If officers used excessive force, the community was quick to condemn them and demand that they be fired.
Majority of police officers try hard to keep our communities and society safe and put their lives on the line every day. Every profession has a bad seed or two but the police are here to serve and protect.
Conscientious police administrators must take several different approaches to deal with these serious issues. The role of the police officer must be re-defined with input from the community. The emphasis on force to gain compliance must be replaced with an emphasis on working in partnership with the community to solve crime problems. The job description and selection processes for police officers must be re-vamped to match the new role. Skills such as the ability to de-escalate violence, mediate disputes and solve problems must replace the emphasis on physical abilities. Training of police officers must be improved to include community participation, an emphasis on community oriented policing and support of the constitutional rights of all persons. Law enforcement


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