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Negotiation and Conflict Application Paper I immigrated to the United States 15 years ago in pursuit of higher education and a successful career. I discovered that I had to significantly readjust the habits engrained in me from childhood through interacting with new people and dealing with conflicts. My traditional and conservative upbringing in India provided a sheltered environment and programmed me into listening and obeying elders and avoiding conflict at all costs. It was my belief that any conflict big or small with the close ones would cause a strain in the relationships. Thus, I often avoided conflicts and accommodated the wishes of others at the cost of my own. I considered this
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I would like to develop skills to use conflicts as opportunities for building or improving rather than breaking relationships. Development Plan



I began my career in management a year ago after working as a ‘Software Engineer’ for over 10 years. I currently work as a Technical Project Manager at XXX. I face numerous technical and business challenges everyday at work. I have faced more conflicts already in the last one year than all of the conflicts as an engineer. Addressing these challenges or conflicts require not only strong technical skills but also strong business skills such as negotiation, conflict resolution, communication, leadership, decision making, and motivation. I believe that my educational background and experience as an engineer have prepared me well to address the technical challenges but I recognize the clear need to strengthen the skills required address the business challenges. The primary goals of this development plan are to: • • Continue to identify areas of improvement in the areas of managing mental maps, emotions, conflicts and negotiations. Leverage my strengths (listening, adaptive nature and self awareness and management) to learn collaborative approaches for conflict resolutions. To achieve the above goals I would take the following steps over the next year: • Peer and Self Evaluation

I shall immediately solicit feedback from


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