Self Negotiation Strategy

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Reflecting on my Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an everyday fact of life and it is bound to occur whenever two parties have differing opinions and they need to seek a middle ground. Devoid of communication lines, there can be no negotiation. Communication competence can be gauged using five cognitions. These, in their order of strength, are: planning cognitions, consequence cognitions, reflection cognitions, and presence cognitions. Areas for improvement include not letting my sincerity and straightforwardness to impede my ability to bluff, being more open to making compromises, and shifting my focus from trying to aggressively make big wins as this alienates the other party, destroying relationships. Additional areas for
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Reflection Cognitions. I love clear rules during negotiations and where possible, I find precedents to be useful in guiding the negotiation process. The reflecting upon a communication performance, with the objective being to improve one’s self presentation, makes me a better negotiator. I am incapable of lying effectively, but my good sense of humor is a great asset that compensates for my inability to lie by helping to break the ice. I am not much against criticism (depending on how it is framed), but ceding ground by giving up power is never an option. This resistance to conceding ground may be counterproductive as it hinders my ability to compromise (Hufford, 1999).

Modeling Cognitions. Gauging contextual variables to supply information on how to interact with the other party is important in negotiations so as to determine the offers and counteroffers that you can throw at the other party. This cognition ranks as the second weakest for me. I do not believe in going to extreme lengths to gain an insight into the other party and I do not like slow negotiations. Additionally, I face no difficulties in conveying my convictions and I do not hold grudges. These attributes, save for my impatience during negotiations and handicap in sizing up the other party, mostly help me to become an efficient negotiator. The ability to rapidly measure the impact of variations and counter-proposals on the other party's interests is


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