Short Stories Review

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Point of View

I. Setting
The Destructors: around 1948 - 1950 England - London
Little Cloud: 20th century 1920s or maybe 30s Ireland - Dublin
I’m a Fool: 20th century, after WWII USA - southern state
Just Lather, that’s all: early 1900s, during revolution Mexico
A special occasion: modern day - 1960s USA, children’s hospital
Defender of the Faith: May, 1945 Camp Crowder, Missouri, USA
Paul's Case: 1900 - 1920 time frame Boston & New York, USA
The Catbird Seat: 1950s maybe later USA, city, corporate office
The Lottery: circa 20th century, or modern times unknown - Europe or North America
The Enchanted Doll:
Thus I Refute Beelzy: 20th century
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However, by the end of the story, he reveals himself to be very self-centered and cruel with others’ feelings. At the end, he changes, as he finds that his scheming has actually caused him to be in a situation where he might be killed.
Paul's case
Protagonist: Paul, an anti-hero Very round and tragically dynamic. The reader sympathizes with him from the start, although painfully. He is filled with unhappiness and desperation, and lack of understanding by the rest of the world. he undergoes constant change, retreating deeper into his fantasy world, then, only at the end, does he understand the true folly of his ways. He truly regrets his past, only to enjoy this revelation for a brief moment before his death.
Antagonist: Father Flat and static. Fails to display any emotion, the stereotypical, stolid, reserved father with high expectations and little encouragement. Also fails to have any understanding for his troubled son.
Teachers Slightly round, flat. They do show some emotion as they somehow can’t stick to their resolve to be angry with the charming Paul, and are bewildered at how Paul’s manner helps him evade punishment.
Actors and theatre people flat and static. They serve to be the crowd that Paul’s identifies with in some way, but they turn their back on him easily.
Rich boy in New York flat and static. Represents the kind of rich, spoiled young man that Paul dreamed of being, but found he was not as similar to as he thought. Serves as a model


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