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Nicholas Frimel COM121
10/11/2014 Glick

Topic: Video games in America
Specific Purpose: To inform my COM121 class on how video games are part of peoples lives.
Central Idea: Focusing on how games are incorperated in peoples lives by viewing the time spent playing, relationships through video games, how video games are for all people, and the social aspect that is incorperated in the video games.
Attention-getter: 59% of americans play video games, there are two gamers in each household in the U.S. "People of all
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A. There is no more dominance with gender. 1. 52% of game players is males. 2. 48% of game players is females B. Video games arn't just played by kids any more, they are played with all ages. 1. 29% of game players is under 18 years of age. 2. 32% of game players is 18-35 years of age. 3. Shockingly 39% of game players are 36+ years of age.
(Link: Now knowing who exactly plays video games, lets look at the social aspect of video games.)
IV. Video games are now used not only for the game, but also to be used for social activity. A. One way people use video games to socialize is getting together with people either by in-person or online. 1. 62% of game players play with others by in-person or online. 2. 77% of game players play with others atleast one hour per week. 3. 47% of game players play social games. B. Another way is to have a gaming party to were you meet up to strategize the before you play. C. Last there are companies that host tournaments, which you can either participate or just be a spectator.
Summary statement: Seeing that video games take hours of time that people set aside to incoperate in their lives, the relationships through video games, how video games are for everyone, and how social acitivities are used through video games just shows how video games are associated in peoples lives. There are tons of different genre of games, so there are video games for all different kinds of people.
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