Peacemaker Project

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Based on the Book and Workbook by Ken Sandle


Conflict Resolution is an essential element of life but a task filled with so many diverse issues that not many can engage it without feeling a bit unprepared. Through the grace of God we have been given a wonderful ministry of reconciliation and direct commands to live at peace with others. The core outcome of this project is to allow you to practice the principles of conflict resolution laid forth in the Peacemaker text.

Personal Conflict:

For the purpose of the Peacemaker project, I would like to deal with the conflict between Les Robinson, a deacon in our church, and myself the church pastor. The problem is Les’ personal life
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A simple gossip damages our spirit. For it doesn’t build but destroys. I must choose to become a bridge and not a wall. I should let go of my bitterness, my anger and every “baggage” I have from the past. I should forgive and forget just like Jesus did.

Section three: Trust in the Lord and Do Good

I think this dispute has made me re-evaluate myself. Do I really do what pleases God? Or do I just do this because it pleases me and gives gains for me? If I do what pleases God, it should bear fruits like peace. Am I in peace with my brothers and sisters? I think this dispute is something that God allowed to happen so that I would realize all of these.

I have doubts regarding the effect of this conflict towards our church. Did we make the right decision? There would certainly be a positive and a negative effect. I fear that the negative effect would outweigh the positive effect but I trust in the Lord that he would be with us all throughout.

The psalm warns us not to be envious of those who do wrong. It tells us not to be angry and turn from wrath for it would lead to sin. It instructs us to trust in the LORD, do well, to dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. It also instructs us to delight and commit ourselves in the Lord. He has promised that He would give us the desires of our hearts and he will make our righteousness and the justice of our


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