Pcnet Project

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In this report, we analysed and evaluate the project management of the case: The case, The PCNet Project (A): Project Risk Management in an IT integration Project. We had look into the project definition phase of the PCNet project and discuss some of the problems that emerged during the project in relation to project definition phase. We also evaluated the role of the PCNet project manager and discussed some of the core skillsets demanded by the job role. The risk management aspect of the PCNet project was also studied in our report. Lastly we made recommendations to address the dilemma faced by Jack Muller, the project manager for the PCNet project.


The case, The PCNet Project (A):
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The first pitfall in this project definition phase was that the project scope and schedule was not reviewed with other stakeholders. This could have adverse effect on the projects if the stakeholders are not agreeable on the schedule half way through the project execution. As shown in the case, this could be the reason why some business unit leaders and offices decided to slow down the migration or postpone it from the original schedule to avoid business disruption or to avoid cost. The second issue was the failure to implement a sound change control process that could help the project team deal with scope creep. A proper change control process can help to track the changes and assess the impact from the changes. From the case, the project team could have better assess the impact when some of the Metal Resources Co.’s partner national companies suddenly started to demand “local content” or “brokers” to be included in the channels of the hardware systems. If a change control process is in place, the project planning team would be able to better tackle and response to the additional demands from the stakeholders. The third problem in this project definition was the failure to establish standards for change management process across the entire merged corporation. As the PCNet project planning team had already identified the task to build connectors