Memorandum of the Case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo

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Memorandum It is so difficult for nonprofit organizations to deal with the withdrawal of a major gift. In order to illustrate what ABC Nonprofit should be aware of and how to successfully navigate the complexities that it is facing, I selected the case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo as an example. I suggest that ABC Nonprofit should get to know more about the new major donors before reaching agreements, handle the major gift wisely, and have good relationships with both major donors and individuals or communities that have involved in. First of all, getting to know more about the new major donors before reaching agreements is important. Basically, some major donors donate a gift to a nonprofit because they want the nonprofit to …show more content…

In addition, having a good relationship with the related parties of the plan is highly needed and is as important as with major donors. Related parties here include important previous donors, municipal agencies, and various community stakeholders and philanthropic community. Those relationships involve the reputation of the nonprofit, the cooperation between the nonprofit and the parties right now and in the future, the results of the nonprofits’ plans and programs, etc. The WCS did a good job on respecting the previous donor of the zoo. They insisted on crafting the names of the funders on the entry gate no matter how many times the design plan changed. Also, philanthropic context is not the same as the one in business and government. It focuses on using donors’ gift to benefit the target customers, not for the donors’ themselves or the nonprofit itself. It is hard but necessary to balance the relationship with all the parties that get involved.
To sum up, in order to handle the $5 million potential donation with such a complicated philanthropic environment, I recommend withdrawing the major donation carefully. ABC Nonprofit should be aware of the donor’s background, should manage the major gift wisely, and should have and keep a good relationship with all