A View from the Bridge

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What does the Bridge in View From The Bridge symbolize? A View From The Bridge is a play written by the American playwright Arthur Miller, a prominent figure in American Theatre, this Greek tragedy adapted drama was written to emphasize on the themes of incestuous love, jealousy and betrayal. In simple geographical terms, the ‘bridge’ in the title of the play is the Brooklyn Bridge, the one that spans the East River, between the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York. The title drew attention to both the subject matter and the structure of the play. The subject matter was the events that took place between Eddie, his family and Beatrice’s illegal immigrant cousins in the Sicilian-American Community of Red Hook. It is a neighborhood …show more content…
Therefore in this essay, I will be interpreting on how the character of Eddie including his personality and physical actions advanced throughout the play, and above that what caused the ignition of the fires of tension that had been smouldering under the surface of the family for a while. During the first few scenes of the play, until Beatrice’s cousins also referred to as the “Submarines” arrive, Eddie is pretty much bottled up and in control. “But you’ll move away”, Eddie utters these bitter words to Catherine, this quotation portrays on how Eddie is concerned for Catherine but in a more fatherly figure, however if you magnify his saying and look into it intensely, Eddie’s addiction to Catherine could be reflected. For example, when Catherine lights Eddie's cigar in the living room, it is an event that gives Eddie unusual pleasure. This possibly warm and affectionate act between niece and uncle has phallic suggestions. Eddie, like any true Italian man, is very committed to the Red Hook Community and thus respects and strongly follows the Code of Honor, “A guy do a thing like that, how’s he gonna show his face”, this manifested Eddies perspective towards the Code of Honor and his concern to protect his good name, referring to Vinny Bolzano, an Italian who broke this code by calling the bureau. Eddie is displayed as a stereotypical Italian man, who takes in charge of the family with a male dominant household both Beatrice and Catherine are


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