Silent Spring Essay

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The Death of Beauty Albert Einstein once said, "Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." Similar to Einstein, the author Rachel Carson believed that human kind should embrace nature's and help preserve its beauty and life . In the passage from the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, the author informs and persuades her audience against the dangers and misuse of pesticides. Rachel Carson is a renowned writer, ecologist, and scientist who dedicated her life to the conservation of the environment. Throughout her career as an editor in chief, marine biologist, and environmental activist, Carson continued to educate the public about the …show more content…
As the war and mission of extermination intensifies, parathion's poison begins to spread, affecting everything it touches. Carson appeals to the audience's sense of guilt and urgency by using death imagery to show pesticide's potential to reach far beyond the destruction of nature's beauty and affect every animal, man, woman, and child. The destruction of pesticides is overwhelming, what was once a flock of colorful birds is eradicated, leaving behind the, "pitiful heaps of many hued feathers" (paragraph 5). The viewer is subject to the imagery of pesticides, destroying a beautiful creature until not even a body remains. There is a play with emotions, a beautiful bird should not be the victim of greed and ignorance. A bird a symbol of the freedom and serenity in nature; for it to be targeted means that nature itself is under attack. Those who are innocent are able to see the beauty in nature and children often are drawn to forests and streams, but what prevents pesticides reaching, "boys who roam through the woods or fields" (paragraph 4). Not only are animals affected by pesticides, but also blameless children who have always enjoyed nature as a place to explore and discover. Parents are immediately alarmed by the prospect of children being harmed and see pesticides as a threat to health, safety, and innocence. Nature is a part of childhood and it is imperative that parents protect what is


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