Business Case for Investment

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Business Case for Investment

Business Case for Investment Learning Team A has been assigned to put together research, facts, and supporting documentation for how an organization should consider, plan for, and implement new technology within the business. The paper will examine different technologies that are available to existing businesses and whether it is worth the effort, time, planning, training, and mostly importantly cost, for the organization to implement any of these new technologies. The assignment will consists of four major parts; prototyping environments and processes, testing design to include procedures and standards, sources of accessibility, and integration. A business case for investment will be made in favor
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The business case developed must demonstrate that the technology investments will reap maximum benefits while considering cost incurred. A design is tested to determine the perceived performance, satisfaction to users and motivation. A design is tested to determine whether changes in the design will influence or enhance user’s reactions. When formulating a business case, testing design techniques are employed to determine the risk of investments and their ability to support organizations; goals. Several steps are followed when formulating a business plan, these are: description of the organizational challenge, assessing the potential profits of investments, assessing cost of each technique, determining risk of implementation, preferred technique or solution recommendation, describing the implementation approach, and potential and actual risk measurement. The business process formulated and presented relates to the testing design procedures and standards in a number of ways which include: objective test difficulty-objective test difficulty involves-perception of performance. In performance, anxiety, satisfaction and motivation variables are considered to determine the result of the project. On receiving the feedback, the project manager devises ways of determining the project risks. Examples of the risk are: outdated software is due to growing technology, competition from other investment firms and drop or adoption by the customers.


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