Theology: God and Prayer

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Reflection Paper: Prayer and Character Development
Twila S. Cooper
Theology 104
November 16, 2012
Professor White

The purpose of this paper is to reveal a direct correlation between prayer and character development. It is crucial that Christians fully understand this tool that has been put in place in order for us to be able to communicate with the Lord, our Creator. Praying and communing with the Lord leads to and builds not only a stronger relationship with Christ, but it also continues to build us in strength and character. The reflection of Christ should be evident in the life of a Christian through character traits also known as the fruit of the spirit. Prayer strengthens the character of a
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He wants to fellowship with each and every one of us individually.
In conclusion, prayer is a necessity for the Christian journey. Not only does it provide a direct line of communication with God, but it helps to keep us in tune with directions for the Christian walk. We are not invisible in the world. We are part of society, the work force, the church world and our families. Prayer keeps us strong in dealing with the situations of life that may come at us unexpectedly. We must be careful how we act, react and carry ourselves if we claim the Christian title. Not only are other Christians watching our every move, but most of all, the lost watch even closer. We must shun all appearance of evil and watch what we say and how we say it. If we claim to be a Christian and use vulgar language, if we are spiteful and full of anger, critical and judgmental and full of discontent all the time, the lost see no testimony of a Christian and believe that if we claim to be a “Christian” and act that way, they would rather not be called a Christian. This is where the situation gets very dangerous for us as Christians, because we are to be a witness for Christ and to love all men. The Lord may place us in situations where we are with the lost in a work place in order for us to have the opportunity to share the love of Christ to that person or those individuals and if we are not in prayer, seeking the will of the


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