Internal Network Security

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The development of technology has brought Internet to become the mass communication media between people or companies. Through Internet, people can communicate with other people in various places. Companies can get many advantages by using Internet network to support their business. Therefore, companies are trying as hard as they can, and give high effort in protecting their network from attack and make sure that they have the best network security.
Most people think that the threat of security attack is only come from outside the company. In fact, the attack from inside the company network is more harmful with high frequency to be happened. As written by Cryptek (2001), which based the argument from some articles, that
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Some technologies and tools in password mechanism can be used are such as one-time password generation, which means that in the network, internally will generate a list of passwords that only valid for one time. Other tools are the used of password aging and password policy enforcement, the used of smart cards to provide an extremely secure password protection. We also can design the enterprise computer networks to require users to have different password to access different parts of the system. A user will only need to remember a single password to sign onto the system.
Other tools that can protect our internal network security are using Encryption mechanisms, which using private key and public key as their tools to protect the network. Encryption can be used on both data either the data is stored on a server or when the data is communicated through a network.
Next tools that enable us to protect our internal network security are by using authentication and integrity mechanism. The basic concept of integrity in Internet security according to Rahardjo (1998) is to ensure that the information can’t be modified without the permission of the information owner. One popular technique used in this mechanism is using a digital signature. Digital signature will inform us whether the message is still authentically or has been changed by unauthorized user. The used of Kerberos, which is an add-on


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