Newskool Grooves: the Boundaryless Environment

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Traditional companies with boundaries, rules, and extensive plans are at a supreme disadvantage in today's globalized world, where technology changes daily and the value chain commands changes of its own. In a traditional company where people are categorized into neatly defined positions with their job descriptions filed in triplicate in the human resources department, the way a company plans its business can cause it to sink or swim. Bad planning can mean lost opportunities, being overtaken by the competition, loss of revenues, or watching its niche slip away because of a new technology, an alteration in the global marketplace, or simply a failure to market its product effectively. When changes occur, they happen too
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With downsizing, you have to be careful with who you are letting go as well as who the company chooses to retain. An employee performance may not have been the best if they were not in the right position. Their attributes toward the company development may differ in a positive way once they find out what is right for them. Newskool managers need to know how to measure personality within their culture. The most important reason managers need to know how to measure personality is that research has shown personality tests are useful in hiring decisions and help managers forecast who is best for a job (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 135). This is especially important because of the downsizing; you don’t want to let good people go if you don’t have to. I would recommend to Newskool an observer-ratings survey. Observer-rating surveys provide an independent assessment of personality (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 135). If management is utilized as the observer, that is great but for a more effective job I recommend the use of management and peer evaluation. I think that before going through the downsizing, Newskool can reduce negative impacts by preparing for the post-downsizing environment in advance, thus alleviating some employee