Oral Language

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Quanita Avery
January 17, 2016
Becky Hathaway
Five stages of Oral Development 5 Stage of Oral Development | Description | Utterance Sounds | Activities/ Strategies | Cooing | Cooing can begin as early as 6 weeks of age. During this time the infant child begins to explore and play with sounds by using the tongue, mouth and breath. During this time, the child is likely to form vowel like sounds before constants sounds begin to be established. | /aaa/, /ooo/, /ahhh/… | Talking and reading to the baby helps with not only voice recognition, but also verbal development (similar.com). | Babbling | Babbling happens between 4-6 months of age. During this stage, the constant, vowel combination comes into play. As the child gets
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Her response was: “His speech was understandable until he had to have his front two teeth removed. Now it makes is difficult to completely understand what he is saying, but it gets better day by day.” I found that interesting, but also realized that when older people are missing teeth it makes it hard to understand them especially the ones in the front, so then it all made sense. I asked the mother what else she does to help with her son language development. She stated that they read daily, they sing songs, identify pictures and just talk about things they may see. She informed me that her son favorite things to talk about were horses, sports and blocks. She told me this having a discussion with him about one of those three things makes getting him to be more verbal extensive.

Observation 2: 2 month old baby ~ Cooing and Babbling Stage
This observation was a bit more interesting than the last one. The baby was very active and busy. The mother kept the baby focus as much as possible, and was only able to get full participation during feeding times. The mother would make sounds with the baby and even mocked the sounds that the baby made so that there was a clear line of communication with the baby. Mom also read short books to the baby and showed pictures of things like bottle, and different types of fruits and vegetables. Once the observation was done, I spoke with the mom and asked her the


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