Strategies and Working Practices Used to Minimise Abuse

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P5= Describe strategies and working practices used to minimise abuse. In this assignment i will be describing different strategies and working practices used in different health and social care settings to minimise abuse. Looking at different characteristics of abuse is the fundamental part in trying to minimise abuse. There are different types of strategies i will be describing the following six: Written and Oral Communications

Anti-Discriminatory Practices

Use of IT


Needs Assessment
Personal Centred practices Care planning Cycle

Needs assessment: The needs assessment relates to an individual’s care and personal needs, the assessment centres on the activity for daily living and the
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The anti-discriminatory practice will help prevent and reduce abuse when discrimination against the service user occurs, the practice also involves in treating a person as an individual. For example; if the service user has received abuse because of their colour the practice is there to prevent abuse from happening so the service user could make a complaint as they are facing discrimination because of their colour. Use of IT in sharing information between professions:

Use of sharing information between professional is still a new strategy within the health and social care settings. When information of a service user is on a computing system it means that different professions could have easier access to the information of the service user. For example if one of the service users has received any sort of abuse from their family, and is living with their family different professions could have access; if the abuse has been recorded on the files then the care worker would be aware and would be able to take the appropriate action to minimise the abuse the vulnerable adult has received. Conclusion
In this assignment I have described the 6 different strategies and working practices used to minimise abuse within different health and social care settings. Out of all the strategies i think that the care planning cycle


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