Rockwater Insurance Case Analysis

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Justin Bell, assistant operations manager at Rockwater Insurance (RI), faces a difficult situation and must act quickly in order to prove his competence as a leader to his colleagues.
Ideally, his decision must maintain the firm’s no-layoff history, encourage the tight-knit company atmosphere, and draw as little negative attention as possible. As a new employee in his grandfather's business, he must prove himself worthy of the position he was recently controversially given. His first challenge is dealing with the declining performance of veteran employee, Russell Campbell, a strong-minded subordinate with a significant amount of influence within the firm. To make his dealings even more complicated, Russell is a
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He was given the task of dealing with Russell Campbell, a thirty year veteran of RI who recently became widowed. Russell has not responded to disciplinary actions so far, and Justin will have to make a decision that is consistent not only with company values and principles, but also with his desire to make a name for himself at RI.
RI is a family oriented business looking to encourage and maintain a tight knit community, one which creates a supportive atmosphere where everyone can rely on each other. The main focus of the company, in a social sense, is to build healthy interpersonal relationships and make “clients and employees alike, feel like members of the RI family”. Justin was hired as an assistant operations manager; a fairly prestigious position for having nearly no previous experience in the company. Russell, a valued RI employee of over thirty years, was one of many who felt the impact of this change. Their newly appointed manager had not proven himself as a competent leader, where Russell has many awards and distinctions, as well as a positive reputation and experience. It is important to note that the Edmonton branch was slightly isolated compared to the other branches. heir goals were misaligned with the company’s mission statement. Frank wants to prove that he is as capable as his uncle, but in this case, Frank is unable to preserve professionalism which then shapes the