Unit 311 Litaracy

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Unit 311 Support literacy development

The aims and importance of learning provision for literacy development

Learning provision for literacy development is important for pupils for several reasons. When pupils are developing their language skills they are learning to communicate with others in a variety of ways through speaking reading and writing. The three areas of language interact with each other to promote the child’s self expression and imagination. Children need to be given opportunity’s to use and extend their language in all subject areas so they can develop higher level thinking. [ Louise burnham, Brenda Baker,2010,pg206]
Within my school literacy lesson will be planed by the teachers, the teacher will go over the
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Once children have gasped their sounds we then introduce the blending of the letters to make words and the children are given a reading book.
In foundation phase each child reads aloud to the teacher or teaching assistant on a regular basis, this then can be adapted to include additional reading for pupils who require extra support.
In the juniors children follow the literary world scheme initially and then read from a broad selection of fiction and non fiction books. Their progress is monitored on a weekly basis by the teacher at this age pupils are allowed to take their books home to read.
Shared and guided reading activities are taken place in both the foundation phase and the juniors department.
Within my school there is a literacy policy set for the staff to follow, we believe that communication both oral and written is the key to educational progress, to social integration and to personal development and happiness. Literacy is about the development of fluent readers, confident writers and effective speaking and listeners. My school believes that it is the right of every child to become a competent and confident user of English language.

The teachers programme and plans for literacy development.

If you are suppurating children’s learning in literacy as in