Om Strategy Analysis

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OM analysis of Jordan Grand Prix
With the recession periods coming of the global economy, it even increases the competition pressure for sponsorship money with more and more competitiveness. So it becomes more and more significant for every corporate to takes some effective measures in the operational management for a better operational performance. In this thesis, the author analyzes the case of Jordan Grand Prix in the aspect of planning and Control, Quality Management, Project Management and operational improvement. Specifically, it points out the measures and strategies Jordan takes in the process of advantage pursuit in competitiveness.

For the success of Jordan Grand Prix, who want to test their capacity and future ability for
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In the first deep dive, better communication can bring the pattern makers lots of information and organize better suppliers to stop the selection process ,which can get a more, better and quick work. Finally, achievable goals were analyzed and established for the practical result. A system is designed to set up a better idea exchange and provide a path for the necessary information which is good for the decisions based on the fact. Decisions are made, implemented and reviewed more quickly in the situation of the right data at right time. It increases the form and structure at the same time the flair and flexibility are not taken away. Senior staffs are also given the fresh ways for getting the information performance at different stage.
The challenge of the first deep dive is to retain the style of the best parts and get rid of the key trouble at the same time, and build up a clear road for managers to express their idea freely and in the organization. The goal focuses on every worker in Jordan, so that a sense of unity and pride in its successful results forms.
Since Jordan does not like the immediate solutions, so every engagement is specially designed for the targets. These Deep Dives in further ahead are thus given, informed by the need of Jordan Grand Prix with an quite deepening understanding. Therefore, a good quality is arrived at.
Operations Improvement
Improvements can be made for better, which


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