Effect of Varying Temperatures on Enzymatic Activity of Bacterial and Fungal Amylase and Hydrolysis of Starch

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Effect of varying Temperatures on Enzymatic Activity of Bacterial and Fungal Amylase and hydrolysis of Starch

This experiment consisted of setting up a control group of starch in various temperature and then placing both fungal amylases and bacterial amylases in a mixture of starch and placing the solution of amylase and starch in various temperatures of water. After a certain amount of time- different amount of time needs to be used in order to have reliable results- iodine is added in a well on spot plates, then two drops of the mixture of amylase-starch is added from each temperature used, by adding iodine into the plates the mixture will show how much starch was hydrolyzed, this is used to calculate the amount of
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Obtain another four test tubes and label those with a different temperature, enzyme source (B or F), group number and the letter S for starch solution, total of 8 of these labeled test tubes. Add 5 mL of 1.5 % starch solution into each of the test tubes labeled S.
Experiment: Add 1 mL of Amylase into each of test tube that does not contain starch. Make sure to conduct the experiment with one amylase type at a time. Place the four test tubes containing starch and the four test tubes containing amylase into the corresponding temperature baths. Allow all tubes to stand for 5 minutes in the respective temperatures. In the initial setup with the spot plates, add two to three drops of iodine into each well at the 0 minute row. At the end of the 5 minutes process, without removing the tubes from the water baths, add a few drops of the starch solution from each temperature treatment to the first row of the spot plate to time 0 minutes to each temperature. Make sure to use a separate transfer pipette for each temperature treatment. Label each of transfer pipettes with the correct temperature so that it can be reused for each time interval. Within each temperature, pour the rest of the starch into the tube containing the amylase. Set the timer for two minutes at the moment the amylase is added. Then once again