Hrm 530 Assignment 3 Dismissal Meeting

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Assignment 3: Dismissal Meeting

Imagine that you are an office manager and you have been tasked with the job of coordinating and heading the dismissal meeting for an employee layoff.
Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1. Propose three (3) ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. 2. Describe a step-by-step process of conducting the dismissal meeting. 3. Determine the compensation that the fictitious company may provide to the separated employee. 4. Using Microsoft Word or an equivalent such as OpenOffice, create a chart that depicts the timeline of the disbursement of the compensation. 5. Predict three (3) ways that this layoff may affect the
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Action | If met by opposition | Speak to the employee in a private place | | Recognize the Employee’s contribution to the company | Be as sincere as possible | Briefly explain the layoff | If necessary, but blunt and direct about the reasons for the layoff | Describe the employee’s options and what the HR department will offer | Remind the employee that they have options that they will not be left in a difficult position | Provide the employee with clear instructions as to when the layoff will take place | | Offer support and sympathy | Provide the employee with your attention and listening ear. Be supportive and willing to listen to their complaints or emotions | Schedule another meeting with the employee to discuss further plans such as when they will turn in their company keys, etc | Keep detailed discussions to a minimum so that the employee has time to emotionally prepare themselves for the change | Assure the employee that you will be available to answer any of their questions | |

Compensation for the Separated Employee and Timeline of Compensation Disbursement Assuming that the separated employee had been employed by the company for 14 years, the compensation benefit plan offered by the company provides the employee with one week of pay for every year they were employed by the company plus any applicable cost of living adjustments. The payment amount would


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