Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action

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Building of Memory: Managing Creativity Through Action
Student: Mac Sorfi
Professwor: Dr. Akhtar Hussain Shah
Strayer University

Change Management Techniques
Change management is the incorporation of a innovated structured and set of tools (new or the combination of old and new ones) utilized in leading the employees’ side of change to attain the desired results (Kloppenborg, Shriberg, & Venkatraman, 2003). The Yad Vashem project was very technical (Systemtic) and required energetic and enthusiastic project team members (High Voltage Emotional Energy). There were many challenges in this project, and there was need to manage and enhance the morale of the team members working in the Yad Vashem memorial site
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The supervisors should be provided with a copy of the document with the list of changes. Even more, the supervisors should be given the responsibility of communicating the changes to the asociates. Each of the team members should be provided with documents and training sessions should be conducted to lead them on the changes. Lastly, it will be essential to continuously communicate on the changes during the implementation process (Chart). Progress reports would keep the goals and expectations of the proposed changes ahead and share essential milestones, success, and feedback of the project.
Criticality of the Timing of Communication in the Success of the Yad Vashem Project
Timing of communication is an essential element in the success of a project (Work by Timing). The Yad Vashem memorial site project success can be attributed to the significance of the timing of communication. The communication on the design of the project was very important. The design was technical and complicated such that the project manager and other stakeholders have several concerns about the design. For example, Shimon had concerns on the design of the structure: The museums central bloc was designed as a prism that go into the ground and erupts from it, at different angles, as an unsupported protrusion (Laufer, 2012). This was an essential point in the success of the project. Early communication gave Shimon adequate time to identify the best


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