Negative Effects of Tv on Family Life

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Negative Effects of TV
The television has many effects on family life and the individual, causing family bonds to unravel and the individual to become naïve of their surroundings. The TV keeps one hooked for hours on end, causing family relationships to diminish and personal relationships to weaken. Not only does the TV seem to be a good alternative to conversations and interactions amongst one another, but it also helps to create a gap between the fictional world of TV and reality.
Since the invention of the home television, it has become a crucial part in everyday household life. Children spend less time with family, because it is simply easier to sit down and be entertained by the TV. ”The time spent next to it [the TV] exceeds the
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In general, the content on TV impacts who were are and who we want to become in order to fit into society.
Another factor involved in television watching, is the amount and the persistence of commercials. Commercials make up a majority of television air time, trying to influence people to spend time and resources on products and new inventions that will make you better fit into society. For example, food commercials are constantly influencing people to make new recipes or to go to the newest most delicious restaurant in town. Other commercials such as the shopping channel become appealing to the older audience who are alone and constantly craving new things. This leads to hording and other disorders, including the addiction of television watching in itself. Commercials and news articles also persuade people in terms of politics, economic issues, and social influences therefore inducting the one-way nature of the viewers. If people constantly go to the TV for current updates on news and other current events then it deters the need to communicate with one another and create the social relationships needed to have a cohesive balance in life.
Another problem that arises with TV is the effect it has on one psychologically. Kids spend many hours in front of the TV, especially over long periods of isolation. Some adults can argue that the constant watching of television is the beginning of a new age of


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