Do Western Diets and Lifestyle Negatively Affect People’s Health?

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Do Western Diets and Lifestyle Negatively Affect People’s Health?
Western diets and lifestyle have become more and more popular in many countries all over the world, because western countries are more developed and people think western diets and lifestyle are healthy to people. It is a common knowledge that health includes three aspects: physical health, mental health, and social well-being health, not just without any disease. Western diets refer to the food as red meat, sugary desserts and drinks, high-fat foods and refined grains, etc. Western lifestyle is the lifestyle of low levels of exercise, more consumption of fast food, sedentary lifestyle, more online communication than face-to-face contact, smoking, drinking, etc. This essay
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In conclusion, western diets and lifestyle contribute to people’s weak fitness. They do the harmful affect to people’s physical health, mental health, and social well-being. Although western diets and lifestyle have some advantages but people should be aware that the increasing consumption of red meat and fatty food, the decrease in doing physical exercise in daily life not only can result in physical diseases like high blood pressure, obesity and cancer but also can bring about mental disease as depression, anxiety and violence. The use of media like Internet and TV can lead to discrimination, the feeling of loneliness, less contact with others and even suicide. Only by rational choices of less fatty and sugary food, doing more physical activities, having more contact with family members and others can people live a healthier life, not only physically and mentally, but also from the aspect of social well-being. Otherwise, the more developed the society is, the weaker people would be.
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