Qualities of a Good Teacher

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Qualities of a good teacher

Teaching is a difficult occupation. Teachers play an important part in training children, teenagers… So, a good teacher must have some special qualities. They are: knowledge, creation, confidence, empathy, sense of humor and passion.

Imagine you are dreaming being a teacher, you must accept that there are no doubt that knowledge is the first quality of a good teacher. A good teacher need to enlarge his/her general knowledge on culture, society, biology, geography… to provide students what they want to know. Beside, a good teacher must be a person who are open to change. He/she must know “the only real constant in life is change”. There is a place not only for tradition but also for new ways, new
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A teacher need to have love with his/her job and do this jobs with all efforts.

In conclusion, to be a good teacher ,he/she must work really hard to enlarge is/her knowledge. He/she must be able to create changes, inspire in the students the true love, the increasing hope and the enthusiasm to reach higher and higher levels of education in his/her life.

Effect of watching too much Television

How do you spend your free time? Jogging, listening to music or hanging out with your friends? There are many ways to do in order not to be boring. As we know, watching TV is the most popular past time activities. TV was invented with positive thoughts in mind – there would be no national borders, education and communication would be worldwide, etc. However, we are now trying to overcome its physiological and psychological effects on human.
Eye-strain is one of the physiological effects of watching too much TV. If you keep watching TV for a long time, your eye will get tired. Many people, especially children and teenagers, get Myopia because of watching too much Television. Their vision is worse than they used to be. Watching too much TV can affect you eating habits. When children get back from school, when parents get back from work, they want to relax, so they sit back on the couch in the living room and open up the TV. Then they go to get something to eat and drink to increase the excitement of watching TV. In my opinion, when you are


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