Nco Respect

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There are many reasons why lower enlisted soldiers should respect non-commissioned officers in the military. It is important to respect an non-commissioned officer in order to keep the balance in the work place. Even if respect is not deserved or given back to you, the military still expects you to give them respect because they are appointed above you. Not showing them respect will result in getting yourself in trouble that will make yourself look bad to your other superiors. Punishments will be given out to whoever disrespects or does not listen to a non-commissioned officer. These consequences must be obeyed. Further punishments will be given out to you if these are not followed to every specific detail. Some people say that you …show more content…

I feel there are three overriding themes that sum up what NCOs mean to the Army and explain just why they are the backbone of the Army. They accomplish the mission while looking out for the welfare of their Soldiers they support the officer corps and they provide unit cohesion through their daily actions. The creed expresses many requirements, duties, and other character traits necessary, but I feel these three reasons are the most critical to the success of the Army.
“No one is more professional than I. I am a Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of soldiers. As a noncommissioned officer, I realize that I am a member of a time honored corps, which is known as "the Backbone of the Army." I am proud of the Corps of Noncommissioned Officers and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon the Corps, the military service and my country regardless of the situation in which I find myself. I will not use my grade or position to attain pleasure, profit or personal safety.
Competence is my watch-word. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind -- accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my soldiers. I will strive to remain technically and tactically proficient. I am aware of my role as a noncommissioned officer. I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role. All soldiers are entitled to


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