Muscle Soreness

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Muscle Soreness Nearly anyone who works out regularly has experienced sore muscles after exercise. Sometimes you will feel it later that night, or the next morning and in some cases, you may actually think you are out of the woods, only to wake up two days later with stiff, tender muscles that feel as tight as rubber bands. For some people, sore muscles are a reward after a hard workout. In fact, some people are not happy unless they are sore after their workout, while others could live without it. Either way, all of us have probably experienced muscle soreness at one time or another. There are two types of exercise-related muscle soreness. Immediate muscle soreness or acute muscle soreness quickly disperse and is the pain you feel …show more content…

Conditioned individual who want to try a new workout or activity also should begin gradually, keeping in mind not to be doing something too much in how hard they exert themselves, particularly until their bodies adapt to the demands imposed upon them. Besides the gradual increase of exercise, there are also other preventive measures like massage after exercise. Massage can help minimize the discomfort of delayed muscle soreness by activating the large touch and sensation fibers that decrease the impulses sent out by smaller pain fibers (Muscle Health: Delayed Muscle Soreness). It means that even though you are sore, you do not feel as sore and more able to move normally and your body heals faster. It is more important to move your body naturally, so that you do not injure or stress other muscle. Massage stimulates nerves in the central nervous system. This helps the body release endorphin and serotonin; two hormones that make you feel good and regulate pain or soreness response. In conclusion, the best things to do for sore muscles after workout is to simple rest, recover, and let them grow. Tone down the intensity of your next workout as needed. Additionally, sore muscles after exercise are not an indicator of a good workout, so individual who exercise should not worry if they are not sore after every workout because many people want an immediate sign that a workout is helping them progress. Muscle soreness is a nice way of


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