Cloning Persuasive Essay

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What was once thought to be the content of fiction novels and comic books is now being fully explored and realized in the cutting edge world of modern science. Scientists now possess the necessary capabilities and technology to make the process of human cloning a reality. While this is a controversial and rather sensitive topic, cloning is an innovative practice that has the potential to vastly improve the lives of unlimited amounts of people. Although cloning may prove to be a useful remedy for many of today‚Äôs issues, there are those in the scientific and medical fields who remain vehemently opposed to its practice. It is for this reason that lawmakers, scientists, and doctors around the world are currently locked in a fierce standoff …show more content…

Cloning would not be limited to just internal organs. For instance, a burn victim is badly burned and needs a skin graft. The normal way of acquiring this new skin would be to artificially grow it in a special lab and attach it to the body in hopes that the body would not reject it. If cloning were used, a sample of the skin could be taken, cloned and then additional cells grown that would be their own cells and would function as normal skin would with no danger of rejection. An opponent to cloning might say that it is unethical to take organs or other body tissue from a human being. In this case that argument is irrelevant because a whole organism is not being created, merely one or two structures grown for the patients benefit and health. One argument has a substantial emotional factor that is relevant for people of all backgrounds. Through human cloning, couples along with single women, will have another alternative to conception. First of all, human cloning will benefit couples in which one or both partners has a rare genetic disease, or if conception is possible, but the rare genetic trait will have disastrous, even fatal, effects if the child were conceived naturally. Thus, through human cloning, the child could have the genetic strand altered to prevent the rare genetic disease from appearing. In simpler words parents could create designer children who would be shielded from a wide array of deadly


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