Multiple Personality Disorder

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We’ve all experienced the feeling that we’ve moved into a different life, dissociation from reality, just mild like when we daydream, delve into a good book or become engrossed with a project. But then after that, we do still come back to reality. However, some people are diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder or the popular multiple personality disorder (MPD). This differ from mild dissociation that all of us commonly experience. People who have this live a fairly complicated life. Sadly, people who have this experience traumatic physical, sexual or emotional abuse during their childhood.
MPD is a severed form of dissociation from reality in which it reflects a person’s extreme lack of connectivity to the world he is in
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Also, we as normal people know how sweet and how fulfilling it is to experience life and savor every minute of it. People with MPD rarely get to that. When they have not switched to another identity, they are preoccupied with being anxious and moody. They have hallucinations most of the time. They do not belong to any group and they probably have no friends as well. They are depersonalized most of the time, detached from the body and not existing in the ‘real world”. They have amnesia, whereas this should be a factor when one only gets old, they are experiencing it throughout their lives on a regular basis. As a result, they tend to forget important personal information that could lead to detrimental consequences. There are instances of micro-amnesias as well, where little stuffs like conversations could be forgotten in a span on minutes. The person may also feel identity confusion. There are instances when they can feel thrill for a certain activity that they engage in, but activities that are revoltingly dangerous such as driving recklessly, using drugs or even committing crimes. They can even feel distorted in terms of the time, place and situation they are in.
I am disturbed with the fact that with the amnesia and switching combined, different identity states would recall different aspects of autobiographical


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