Multi Projects Case Study

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The following report is based on a case study of Multi Projects Inc. Multi Projects Inc. is an organization that operates in a Matrix-type Organization but does not effectively and efficiently utilize this type of organizational structure to its fullest potential and this becomes disadvantageous in this particular scenario.

This is illustrated through a number of problems identified in this report such as a lack of project prioritisation, no clear and appropriate balance of power between project- and functional managers, inefficient utilisation of resources, lack of a personal development and knowledge growth programme and a display of dysfunctional behaviour by individuals.

The primary causes of the above stated
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Although, the project manager has full time role, he has only part time project management administrative staff under him. In a balanced matrix both managers control the project budget.
Weak Matrix: In a weak matrix, the project manager has a part time role with very limited power and authority. His role will be more like a coordinator or an expediter. Weak matrix structure is very close to the functional organization structure. In a weak matrix structure, the functional manager controls the project budget.

Advantages of the Matrix Organization Structure: Followings are a few advantages of the matrix organization structures:
• The main benefit of matrix organization is that highly skilled and capable resources can be shared between the functional units and important strategic projects.
• Communication is smooth across the boundaries.
• It is a good environment for professionals to develop their career.
• Project team can get the highly skilled personnel they require.
• People can be selected based on skills and suitability.
• Employees have job security.
Typically the efficiency of matrix organizations is higher.

Disadvantages of the Matrix Organization Structure: Some disadvantages of matrix organization structure are as follows:
• Employees may have to report to two bosses, which can add confusion, and conflicts may arise, particularly in the balanced matrix environment where both bosses have equal authority and power.
• Conflicts may


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