Amber Inn & Suites Case Analysis

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Amber Inn & Suites, Inc., Case Analysis

Case Recap Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. is a 250-property hotel chain with locations in 10 western and Rocky Mountain States. Their market position lies between a limited-service and full-service hotel chain. Joseph James is the newly appointed president and CEO. He initiated an aggressive goal for the senior leadership team (SLT) to formulate a strategy to achieve profitability in the next two years and sustain future growth (Kerin and Peterson, 2010). This case study will offer a summary and analysis of Amber Inn & Suites options and an examination into the company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
Problem Identification
Despite three consecutive years of growth in
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Amber Inn & Suites should continue with the “frontier” strategy to take advantage of the opportunity to draw in the first time southwest and Texas vacationers. Also, deploying revised advertising campaigns will communicate how Amber Inn & Suites can satisfy the leisure and vacation traveler buying requirements. By initiating multi-channel marketing, they will be able to disseminate information about local attractions to entice vacationers to stay at local properties. The frontier strategy can be promoted on the company web site, travel agents, and chambers of commerce of the local or regional properties. The free night stay would cease, and replaced with a 25 percent weekend discount. Using the 54 sales representatives will promote travel packages, as an example a combination offering the weekend special and discounts to local attractions of events. Regarding concern about losing the business traveler, market share should not prevent the company from pursuing a new opportunity. Evoking a company policy to separate business traveler’s rooms from vacationers will address complaints about disruption during stays. Relying on the strength of premium property locations, clean rooms and offering the right amenities is the right combination to retain business travelers. Facing the threat on another