Organizational Performance

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Airdevils Inc. is an aerial stunts firm established by Celsey Evans. She started the company by herself until four of her colleagues joined her in 1996. These five individuals make up Airdevils Inc. upper management team. Currently, Airdevils Inc. has 115 employees. Within the last two years Airdevils Inc. has began to suffer from a lack of employee and customer satisfaction. The company provided a breakdown of four phases the company is trying to work on and they are primary cause of low job satisfaction, steps to improve job satisfaction, forming a stunt consulting team, and alleviating stress felt by the support crewmembers. Celsey hired the Dream Teamworks to come in and assist with identifying the causes of low satisfaction and …show more content…

The ideal of this theory is that in order individuals to be motivated they must be in an environment where motivation is done by the employees because the factors of hygiene has been taken care of by the organization. According to this theory people are influenced by motivation factors such as “achievement, recognition for achievement, interest in the task, responsibility for enlarged task, and growth and advancement to higher level tasks” ( “Frederick Herzberg,” 2010) and hygiene factors such as “company policies and administration, supervision, working conditions and interpersonal relations, and salary, status and security” (“Frederick Herzberg,” 2010). In this situation, the employees of Airdevils Inc. are not satisfied with the lack of excitement in their job. They want to be able to be creative with their stunts and have the opportunity to grow in other areas of stunt work. Airdevils Inc. was not giving their employees the opportunity to express themselves or to grow. In return, this affected the hygiene and the motivation of the company. Once the company was able to implement some changes by changing the working conditions to be more flexible and open to the employees’ ideas motivation within the company began surge improving job satisfaction. In the beginning of this simulation, I realized the employees’ behavior, cognition, and affect was overlooked. Though the signs were there, Celsey


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