Monitor Systems

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Monitor administration system

Performance objective

You will demonstrate skills and knowledge required to monitor an administration system.

Assessment description

In this assessment task you will monitor the implementation or operation of an administration system, modify the system as required, communicate modifications, and monitor and address training needs for the system. You will prepare a project report outlining issues and solutions, including required modification and training activities.

You may choose to use the same administrative system you implemented in Assessment Task 1, or a new administrative system agreed with your assessor.


1. Following on from Assessment Task 1, or using a
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Your assessor will be looking for:

● communication skills to discuss changes in routines and procedures, and to monitor and define performance objectives or standards

● problem solving skills to choose appropriate solutions from a range of possible solutions and modify systems accordingly

● research skills to assemble performance evidence and to evaluate information on changing needs

● knowledge of organisational policies and procedures relating to specific tasks.

Adjustment for distance-based learners

● No changes to task or deliverables are required.

Assignment 2 plan or review administrative system

Workplace: Werrington county public school

Administrative system: Record of attendance

The administrative system that will be reviewed is the record of attendance of the students at Werrington public school. At the present time in the morning once each student has gone


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