Maintaining and Optimizing Windows 7

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Maintaining and Optimizing Windows 7



This study guide is intended to educate Windows 7 users on how to maintain and optimize their Windows 7 computer. Maintenance is important to keep the system running smoothly and perform at its best. Maintenance is the key to keeping an operating system running free from error and give the user the best possible performance. Most people do not think to take care of their system this way, so we made this guide to give you a few examples of simple things that can be done to optimize Windows performance. In this guide, we will cover the following procedures:

Examine the System Stability Chart

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The calendar program is taking up too much memory and is making it so the CPU doesn't have enough memory to run anything else. The only way to correct this is to no longer use the corrupt program and remove it from the computer. Windows 7 has a built in calender the user can use.

Right click the joecal programs at the bottom of the screen and close the program. You will then notice that the CPU usage will drop once the bad program has been closed.

You will notice that once the joecal program is closed, the CPU usage in the Current Activity window has dropped back down to normal. This confirms that there is something about the joecal progarm that is not working. Since the user will no longer be using it, we should remove it. To do so, open the Control Panel and open the Add/Remove Programs window and remove joecal from the computer.

Part 4. Enable Automatic Updates

Microsoft periodically send out updated for their operating systems. These updates are very important in keeping the system running smooth and problem free. A lot of these updates are for security purposes, to protect users from viruses and other threats. It's also important to set these updates to run automatically because it is very easy to forget to look for them and actually update. The setting can be set up so that they download and install directly through the internet connection. Here are the correct step to take to set up


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