MN5506 People Mgr Assingment 2

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Brunel University

MSc Engineering Management

Module Title: MN5506 Managing People & Organisations

Module Tutor: Mr Colin McEwen

Assignment Title: Assignment 2 – Innovation Management

Word Limit: 3000 Words

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Part 1 – Value Creation 3
Part 2 – Managerial Planning and Goals 5
Part 3 – Innovation Management 7
Part 4 – Strategic Leadership 9
Part 5 - References 11
Part 6 – Appendices 12
Assignment/Coursework Proforma 12

Part 1 – Value Creation

Below in table 1 is a comparison of a number of wearable smart watches that are available from a number of manufactures and details of key features.

Wearable Technology – The SMART Watch

Manufacturer & Name
Key Features
Advantages Over Competitors
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Proposed managerial planning objectives – Keep up to date with the latest marketing information, closely monitor what the competitors are taking to market and what they are planning to take to market. Technology is fast moving so if the company is not on the forefront of the latest gadget there is a potential the organisation will be left behind. This needs to link to the corporate strategy of where the business is evolving to and this needs to driven by key market data.
Technological Future:
Key points – being aware or leading the latest technological developments, knowing when to start and stop producing a technology
Proposed managerial planning objectives – this needs to dictated by the corporate strategy, does the business what to be at the forefront of the technology evolution or slightly lagging where the market is better known and stable. One strategy is to diversify so part of the business is pushing the technology boundaries and another is manufacture products in a mature market. The business in the mature market can be viewed as a cash cow for the cutting edge business. The key is diversification so there are a number of income streams and these can be strictly monitored to know when to enter or leave a market.
Part 3 – Innovation Management

Background Logitech are acquiring a small high technology firm to allow them to move in the wearable technology market.