The Importance of Literature vs. Science

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The Importance of Literature vs. Science

If we lived in a world without literature, learning only the sciences, would we be the same people? Does the human race need literature at all, does it have any worth whatsoever except as entertainment? Do people actually learn from literature? These are all questions that divide the human race into two separate sections, those who believe in the power of literature, and those who see it as impoverished compared to the social sciences in its ability to teach us about ourselves. However we need not be so divided on this issue.
Literature is as rich a teacher as science, but merely differs in technique.
Literature offers knowledge to those that seek it, gives experience to those who
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The human being controlling the Peugeot 504 was not identified, and neither was the license plate." However if literature wanted to describe one it would say "Yesterday morning a man was struck by a red Peugeot 504, killing him on impact. The driver of the car, as of yet unidentified, did not bother to stop the car. This is a sad reflection of some peoples' inability to face their own mistakes."
Literature could make that last sentence because it does not need to back up every little thing with two thousand pieces of measurable accurate evidence. It can think in leaps and bounds with very little touch with hard facts. Science can describe an incident, but it can't make you feel anything about it.
Literature on the other hand, gives you insight and feelings into other peoples minds. For example, it is much more beneficial to read a book about Egypt, than to read a scientific report on it. Through the characters in the book you can get a feel for the culture that the scientific report would not have. A world without literature would also leave science wanting. Many scientists would agree that without literature, science would not be the same.
It would be colder, and less human. Human's are not creatures of precision and logic, or we would have rulers for hands, and calculators for hearts. Most people would prefer to sit down and pick up a science fiction novel than a book


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