Marketing Plan Lush Cosmetics

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A year marketing plan to take Lush cosmetics forward



1. Introduction 2.2.1. Lush cosmetics history 2.2.2. Purpose of the marketing plan 2.2. Lush cosmetics mission statement 2.3.3. Lush cosmetics market

2. Situational Analysis
2.1. Current product analysis
2.2. Product description
2.3. Current pricing strategy
2.4. Current products pricing
2.5. Current distribution
2.6. Current promotion

3. Current target market analysis
3.1. Target market approach
3.2. Strategic advantage
3.3. Demographic profile
3.4. Target customers
3.5. Product position map
3.6. Customer attitude
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2.2. Product Description
All Lush products are handmade using natural ingredients such as cocoa, Shea butter, and natural preservatives.

2.3. Current Pricing
Lush cosmetics is using a price skimming strategy to price their products. This strategy means the products prices are set high compared to their competitors. This strategy allows them to recover their sunk cost quickly before competitors bring similar products on the market.

2.4. Current products prices
The bath emotibombs, bath ballistics, bath malts, soaps and shower jelly products are in the price range from £1.90 to £5.00 per/100g.
The shower gels, shower smoothies prices are between £5.50 to £15.00 per/250g.
The skin and hair care products are sold in the price range of £5.00 to £15.00 per/100g.
The solid fragrance price is between £4.95 to £6.25 per/10g.
The karma and vanillary atomiser are sold between £21.95 to £25.95 per/30g and the other karma and vanillary products are sold between £2.95 to £11.25 per/100g.

2.6. Current distribution
Lush products are sold only in Lush shops and can also be ordered online (Lush website).

2.7. Current promotion
Lush cosmetics products are advertised only in Lush magazine (The Lush Times), online (Lush website) and display in show case in Lush shops.

2. Current Target Market Analysis

3.1. Target Market approach
Lush cosmetics uses a form of viral marketing or viral advertising to reach its


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