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REPORT WRITING ON LUSH COSMETICS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report is on LUSH cosmetics – a sustainable brand in cosmetic industry. This report will describe about marketing history, company ethics and current market position of LUSH. This report also deals how LUSH is making their products with sustainability and what marketing strategy they are following. We will discuss about marketing mix of LUSH, How they are doing ethical business and their position in competitive market. We will also do SWOT analysis and LUSH position mapping with other brands. This report also concentrates how LUSH can improve its marketing strategy.
Keywords: Organic, Cosmetic, Sustainability, Product Portfolio, Marketing mix,
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LUSH is a UK based company of Personal Care Industry. LUSH is a private limited company with a small number of shares on partnership.(Wikipedia)It was originated from England in 1995, currently it’s headquarter is in Poole, United Kingdom. In 2015 within these 30 years they expand their business in 50 countries, with 900 stores worldwide. Around 600 people work for LUSH and maintaining the business. In 2014 their business revenue was 23 million pound with more than 30% increase in transactions. At present Mark Constantine is the Managing Director of LUSH. The other shareholders of the company are Margaret J Constantine (wife of Mark Constantine), Andrew Gerrie,Elizabeth Bennett , Rowena Bird , Helen Ambrosen, Paul Greeves, Karl Bygrave.They have total 8035 shares.At present LUSH have 26 stores in Australia and 10 stores in New Zealand.(Doughan)

LUSH won the “THE AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS AWARD FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY” in 2013 and 2014.According to The Australian Business Awards, “LUSH takes environmental sustainability very seriously through a range of initiatives. They include making fresh and handmade products, vegetarian and vegan products, minimal preservatives, absolutely no animal testing, supporting charity, ethical sourcing of ingredients, responsible packaging and labeling, and encouraging community recycle”.(2015q)
Lush is prominent for its sustainability


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