Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer Case Study

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Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc.
Report of Findings and Recommendations

Prepared By:
Robin Armstrong
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Background and Scope 3

Current Scenario 4

Situation Analysis 6

Conclusions and Recommendations 8

Background and Scope

This report has been prepared for Professor XXX. This report summarizes the complete review of Donna Dubinsky’s career at Apple Computer as the Director of Distribution and Sales Administration and the proposed distribution system. In addition, Donna Dubinsky’s response and handling of the proposed distribution system will be assessed.

This review concludes that despite Donna Dubinsky’s stellar education as a Yale graduate and a Harvard MBA she completely
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Weaver was taken aback and did not present well reasoned arguments for maintaining control over distribution. Ms. Dubinsky could see that Mr. Weaver was becoming unsure and believed that “he could not win.” She found that she was having a difficult time relying on Mr. Weaver.

Donna Dubinsky attempted to put together her own proposal to defend her position. However, the Christmas season was a very busy time for distribution and Ms. Dubinsky was unable to put in the hours necessary to create a winning proposal. She requested an extension in order to be prepared.

Distribution Task Force

A Distribution Task Force was initiated to review Debi Coleman’s proposal and Donna Dubinsky’s counterproposal. The task force was made up of neutral individuals; however, Ms. Coleman and Ms. Dubinsky were members. The task force was to report to Bill Campbell and Apple executive staff agreed to accept the task force’s recommendations.

From the beginning, Ms. Coleman was advocating her proposal. Ms. Dubinsky was angry about having to participate in a task force since distribution was under her responsibilities and she never even acknowledged any issues with the current distribution system. In fact, Ms. Dubinsky assumed that she would only be hearing ideas on how to improve the current distribution system.

The task force identified concerns with Ms. Coleman’s proposal; however, Ms. Coleman insisted that the proposal