BSBSUS301a Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

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Part B - Short answer questions
Answer the following questions in your assessment document.
1. What is the name of the most recent Act that legislates on 'Littering and illegal dumping' in Queensland? Provide an example of a littering fine in Queensland.
2. Describe three water use efficiency strategies for an office or home environment.
3. Imagine you work in a business office. You are assigned a task to reduce the printer paper use in the office. Describe how you would seek input from your work colleagues to implement a paper reduction initiative.
4. Briefly, what is Quality Assurance? Name the current International (ISO) Quality Assurance standard which applies to all organisations regardless of size, industry product and
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All electrical equipment is switched on 24hrs a day. Staff log off their computers, but leave them turned on.
The cleaner works Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm.
Staff meetings are held every Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm.
Part C questions
Answers to Part C questions 5 - 8 are to be written in your assessment document. Answers to Part C questions 1 - 4 are written as instructed below.
If you feel the data given above is insufficient, you may make assumptions - for example, the wattage of the fluorescent lights has not been provided, so make an assumption on what kind of fluorescent lights are used in a typical office.
1. Complete the Energy_Audit worksheet listing all the electrical items at TRAL Consulting and the potential electricity weekly cost. You may find the Energy_device_table useful as a reference for the wattage of some of the devices.
2. Analyse your Energy Audit worksheet data and suggest an improvement opportunity for each type of electric device. Record this in the Improvement Opportunities column of the worksheet.
3. Refer to the sample Preliminary Action Plan from ResourceSmart Victoria for guidance on layout, then create a similar MS Word or MS Excel version saving it as Action_Plan.
4. Using your identified 'improvement opportunities' from the energy audit worksheet, complete the Action Plan for the lights, air-conditioning, computers and two other devices or work practices of your choice.
5. Describe how you