Worldview Comparison

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Reflection Paper
Moral Reasoning and Worldview
October 24, 2011

This paper will summarize the Christian worldview perspective, while offering an overview of my own worldview; a Christian perspective with a spin I like to say. The ANA Code of Ethics, Provision 2 will be looked at in relation to an issue experienced in my personal practice and I will apply the Christian perspective as well as a Modern worldview perspective and explore how the application of each could affect the possible outcomes.

Title of the Paper (Level 1) As nurses we need to take into account each patient’s worldview perspective and support their views, even in the face of clinical evidence that that decision may not be feasible. Because each
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The Three Degrees of Glory, as discussed in, are the Celestial Kingdom, Terrestrial Kingdom, and Telestial Kingdom.
Those eligible for Celestial Glory are those Latter-day Saints who have been baptized, kept the commandments, and taken the Temple oaths, and have been sealed in the Temple to their spouse.
The Terrestrial Kingdom is for those who “may have died without learning the laws of Christ. They are those who inherited spirit prison rather than spirit paradise in the Spirit World. They are those who were preached to in the Spirit World, and who, though they did not receive the testimony of Jesus while on earth, were willing to receive it in the Spirit World. They are the honorable men of the earth, who were ‘blinded by the craftiness of men.’ “(2011)
The lowest of the three kingdoms, known as the Telestial Kingdom is reserved for “those who would not receive the gospel of Christ or the testimony of Jesus. But they have not denied the Holy Spirit, as those who are sent to ”outer darkness.” Because they have chosen not to repent while on earth, there is some degree of suffering involved in the Spirit World before inheriting this kingdom. The people who inherit this kingdom will not be resurrected until Christ finishes His work, in other words, until the last resurrection. Christ does not visit this kingdom.” (2011)
The final place a person can go, according to the Mormon faith is Outer Darkness. “This is the only


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