Identity Essay

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Rough Draft Identity is what defines us as a person. Everyone one on earth has their own unique identity. To showcase my identity, I created a collage of images and descriptive words, called an identi-kit. This identi-kit shows what I feel like is my identity to myself and the others. My identi-kit identifies me as a mixed martial artist. The identi-kit has images of a deadly shark with mixed martial arts gloves on that say mixed martial arts on the front and fight shorts with the words competitor and warrior on them. It also has descriptive words like “killer instinct” and “fight” which describe my spirit. There are three assumptions that come to question when asking about one’s identity. The first is if you were born with this …show more content…

As I watched more events the more I became interested and encouraged to get involved. Then came my personal choice to start training in mixed martial arts and I never regret making that decision. To some extent identity is a performance. For some people it’s to satisfy the likes of others. For some it’s trying to join a certain community. For most identity is not a performance. Identity is not something you can “put on” or “take off”. Sadly for others identity is exactly what was just stated. In order for some people to be happy and impress others they put on an identity in order to fit in. For some it’s a personal choice and for others they are influenced by the culture that surrounds them. What is cool to some may be uncool to others. To some smoking dope is cool and if you do it you are cool but to others like myself I do not think smoking dope is cool. I do not think it is cool but I do not hate anyone that does smoke it because that is their identity and a personal choice. My identity is not to impress anybody or to fit in with a certain crowd, my identity is what makes me happy and what labels me to other people. People want to be cool and be liked, so they commit to an identity that is not who they really are. The thing that makes us is us. For me my identity is what it is and others may not think it is cool or not right but it is who I am and what makes me.
My identi-kit showcases who I am and what I am like. It


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