The Death Penalty

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For as long as one can remember capital punishment has been a cruel method of punishing the convicted. However, many believe that the punishment should be corresponding to the crime. We have heard of the saying, “An Eye for an Eye a Tooth for Tooth,” (Deut. 19:21 1984). This controversial method which has been abolished by various countries and states has persuaded numerous people to believe life without parole is more appropriate than the death penalty.
The specific aim of this research is to understand and examine whether sociodemographic characteristics are related to attitudes about the death penalty. Executions of the falsely accused, the emotional impact of the victims’ family statement, crimes that are punishable by
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Mandatory DNA testing Another argument against the death penalty focuses on cases in which it has been shown that innocent people have been put to death i.e., Troy Davis who was an African-American sports coach, who was convicted of the 1991 killing of a Georgia police officer. Several years later, seven of nine eyewitnesses who had linked Davis to the crime changed or entirely recanted their original testimony, claiming police coercion. Troy Davis filed innumerable appeals for new evidence of innocence to be examined in Court; to little avail Mr. Davis was unable to seek redress (Copeland, Eversly, 2011).
DNA testing has been a major factor in changing the criminal justice system. It has provided scientific proof that our system convicts and sentences innocent people, and that wrongful conviction are not isolated or rare events. Such evidence can include erroneous blood, semen, fingerprints handwriting, ballistics, or fiber analysis and can be presented both unintentionally and intentionally by forensic experts Ramsey(2003). Most importantly, DNA testing has opened a window into wrongful convictions so that we may study the causes and


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