Concept Proposal Report

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Concept Proposal Report

MARK2313-2010-Y Brand Management

Tutor: Lynn Stainsby

Student name: Xuefang Geng

Student ID number: P09011557

Submission date: 16 March, 2010


Introduction 2

1. Product description 3

2. Brand Equity Analysis 3

2.1 Brand name 3

2.2 Brand image 4

2.3 Brand awareness & Brand-added value 5

2.4 Image Transfer 5

3. Marketing Plan 6

3.1 Market Gap and Competitors’ Performance 6

3.2 Market segmentation, positioning and targeting 7

Conclusion 9

Reference 10

Appendix 1. 12

Perceptual Map 12

Appendix 2. 13

Stress-release office toy: Screaming chicken 13

Appendix 3. 13

Advertising copy 13

Concept Proposal Report

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In the co-branding process, Flower angels acts as a complementary role to strengthen the brand-added value of Innocent Breath Desk Garden. The logic is that flower delivery has a strong association with a pleasurable experience, a relaxing life style and an expression of good mood or emotion. These expressive attributes are cognitive with Innocent drinks, but it is more effective for Flower angels to reveal these extrinsic attribute to customers. This cooperation of Innocent and Flower angels is complementary competence co-branding, where both brands contribute their core skills and competences to the co-branded product and so that brand synergy is achieved, (Blackett, 1999). Therefore, the combinations of healthy ingredients (material associations) and uplifting experience (immaterial associations) will become positive purchase motivations and gain positive favourability from customers.

2.3 Brand awareness & Brand-added value

Due to the high brand awareness of Innocent, Innocent Breath Desk Garden is born with competitive advantage on entering the new market. Moreover, the brand-added value contributed by Flower angels reveals more psychosocial meanings than competitors. Innocent Breath Desk Garden creates participation, satisfactory and belongingness to customers. In terms of five dimensions of psychosocial meanings, it emphasizes “sincerity” and “excitement”, (Riezebos, 2003). In addition, based on online customer review (Mintel, 2009),


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