Week 7 Assignment

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Matt Bagwell
Week 7 Assignment

1) “Imagine someone placing your head in a stock. As you stare helplessly ahead, unable to defend yourself, your head is pulled back. Your lower eyelid is pulled away from your eyeball. Then chemicals are poured into the eye. There is pain. You scream and writhe hopelessly. There is no escape.
“This is the Draize Test. The test which measures the harmfulness of chemicals by the damage inflicted on the unprotected eyes of conscious rabbits. The test that…cosmetic firms force on thousands of rabbits to test their products…. A healthy society does not inflict violence on the powerless; does not pursue ‘glamour’ at the expense of innocent animals.—The Millennium Guild, The New York Times, advertisement,
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But an important area of study has been overlooked—the culture of people who are poor and white. It’s the rich and powerful who dominate the history books, and the story of poor whites doesn’t get told. Yet they also have their music and art, their literature, beliefs, and customs. They also have struggled against prejudice, and, despite their poverty and pain, they too have contributed to the richness of our heritage. Schools and colleges should introduce courses that focus on the culture of poor whites. Aren’t they as entitled to be represented as any other group?
Schools teach other types of cultures but seem to miss white history. Schools should teach poor white history in class as well.
Evaluation: It is true that there is no white history month or classes taught regarding poor white history but we can look to other white cultures, such as German or Scottish for example.

5) “I take issue with Bob Herbert’s statement that high school students are ‘too immature to make an informed decision’ about joining the military. The minimum age to join the Army is 17. At that same age, many students are making the decision about which college they want to attend. To say that students who are perfectly competent to listen to college solicitations are not competent enough to listen to military recruiters makes no


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