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The report of Lenovo's marketing strategy

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BRIEF INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------3

FINDINGS-----------------------------------------------------------3 1.The macro-marketing environment---------------------------------3

2. The micro-marketing environment--------------------------------4

3. Lenovo's SWOT analysis----------------------------------------5

4. STP
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The buyer's bargaining power:Through the analysis, China's PC industry has high barriers to entry so that there is no alternative goods and the purchaser bargain ability is low. For new entrants the competitive threat is various and widely effected, but due to a variety of reasons no matter at present or in future there will be still a number of entrants.
3. Lenovo's SWOT analysis:
Combined with the present situation of the development of the industry Lenovo laptop exactly exist problems and should establish rational marketing decision-making plan.
3.1. Advantage:
Market share: Lenovo laptop channels throughout the whole of Asia market, market share to competitors than the other, with 30.6% of the market share comes to the first in line.
Local brand experience and regional advantages: Lenovo has decades of experience in the Chinese mainland which can accurately grasp the local consumer demand, which is the strength of other brands do not have the advantage.
Brand advantage: In the PC market, Lenovo brand of leadership in the Chinese market has more than many rivals, is the industry leader, and promoted step by step and accumulation.
3.2 Disadvantage:
In addition to the Chinese market and overseas market, especially the north American market the ability of growth is weak. International operation experience compared to the Dell and HP has a gap, form although international, but did not reach the system. A lack of


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