Lenovo Financial Paper

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Financial Analysis
Lenovo Group Limited

CONTENT I. Introduction 3 1. Background 3 2. Nature of business 8 3. Description of product/services 9 4. Current Revenue size and Profit 12 5. Major Market Served 15 6. Ownership 16 7. Other relevant basic information 17 8. Company`s business strategy 21 II. Analysis of Company Performance 21 1. Company Growth 21 2. Financial ratios 23 3. Liquidity 23 4. Leverage 25 5. Profitability – Dupont Analysis 26 6. Fiscal Fitness Alman’s z-score 27 III. Analysis of Company`s Value Creation 28 IV. FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS 31 1. Assumptions 31 2. Forecast Balance sheet of Lenovo 2013-2015 32 3. Forecast Income Statement of Lenovo 2013-2015 33 4. Forecast financial
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2001 An IBM notebook with an embedded security chip becomes the industry’s first notebook to be certified by the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, an industry body setting data security standards.

Legend successfully spins off Digital China Co. Ltd., which is separately listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
Legend appoints Yuanqing Yang President and CEO.
Legend first introduces "digital home" concept and launches accessories-enabling PC.
2002 IBM PCD introduces Image Ultra and Rapid Restore, the first automatic data recovery technologies of their kind.
IBM PCD announces desktop PC outsourcing pact with Sanmina-SCI.
Legend launches its first technological innovation convention, “Legend World 2002,” which opens up Legend’s “Technology Era”. Legend introduces its visionary concept for the future of technological development and applications, its Collaborating Applications project, as well as its strategies for implementing Collaborating Applications.
Legend’s supercomputer, the DeepComp 1800 makes its debut. It is China’s first computer with 1,000 GFLOP (floating point operations per second) and China’s fastest computer for civilian use, ranked 43rd in the Top 500 list of the world’s fastest computers.
2003 IBM PCD introduces the industry’s first notebook with an extended battery life of up to 11 hours.
IBM PCD introduces its ThinkCentre desktop PC line.
IBM PCD introduces its Active Protection System, the industry’s first notebook with an airbag for hard drive


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