Leisure Essay

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Assignment #2: Leisure Mapping Essay

Environmental Factors affect on my Leisure and Recreation

By Ali Qasim Barlas

Monday February 25th 2013

Section A
Ms. Khushboo Vora
Tutorial 17
Leisure Mapping Essay

2012-2013 KINE 1000 6.0 Socio-cultural Perspectives in Kinesiology
York University
Almost everyone has some kind of leisure time whether it is a couple hours or a couple days. What varies is the type of recreational activities people choose to do during that time. Although leisure and recreation is chosen based on ones unique individual interests, there are many sociocultural factors that influence the type of recreational activities we do, when we do it and how often we do it. These factors include political,
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The closest gym to me is on my university campus, almost one hour away and the membership is also cheap. As a result, I tend to always do my weightlifting workout right after my morning university classes as shown on my time map. I know that if I commute home right after class instead of going to the campus gym, it becomes a lot more difficult to achieve that recreation later on. Waiting in the cold and taking the bus for one hour just to workout is a lot more unappealing and thus would drive me away from engaging in this recreational activity. Because I am already on campus, I realize naturally that it is my only chance to go to the gym and workout as there is no recreational facility around where I live. This space and environment factor encourages and facilitates me to take part in this recreational activity at that specific time. In addition, I have a close friend who also goes to the gym at around the same time and we always workout together. Whenever I go to the gym with him, workouts are done more efficiently and competently because we always motivate one another and push each other to the limit. Being in an environment where the workout is intense and done thoroughly gives me added incentive to go to the gym at that specific time. On top of that, I enjoy being in an environment where I am doing recreation with a friend as opposed to doing it by


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