Left Brain vs Right Brain; How It Affects Learning

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The Left Brain vs. The Right Brain: How This Impacts Learning

Troy J. Miller

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Megan Doyle

The Left Brain vs. The Right Brain: How This Impacts Learning

Over years there has been extensive research done by different psychologists suggesting that our brain works in two different ways. Some of these researchers also believe that the left and right sides of our brain work hand in hand with each other, and that one cannot function without the help of the other. Certain activities are also controlled by one side or the other of your brain. Leadership is also controlled by different styles and how people tend to lead. Essentially people are labeled as a left brainer
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The problems that were discovered was that items presented to the right hand and eye could name the thing presented however could not name the function of the object presented, and when that same object was presented to the left hand and eye it could name the object’s use but was unable to name the object’s name. This particular experiment would lead some to believe that both sides of the brain works hand in hand with each other, while other are still convinced that the brain does not need the left side in order for the right side to function. However the two sides do function without each other, it is just that each side is responsible for certain features about the object in question. Leaders in our society that manage many larger retailers, communities, Government officials, and even the President of the United States have different leadership styles that can be classified by either the right or left-brain. Leaders in supervisory roles today are very well chosen and must uphold the beliefs of the people that they represent or that they are responsible for overseeing. Leaders all have different styles that they choose to lead with. Whichever method the leader chooses to lead in must be effective to get the desired results. Just as the other functions of the brain that we have learned thus far there are a few more that go along with leadership skills. When leading from the right brain, behaviors are strategic, innovative,


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