Strategic Role of Logistics in Kazakhstan

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Table of Contents 1. Theoretical background 4 1.1. Introduction 4 1.2. Definition of Key Terms 5 1.3. Effective Research 10 1.3.1. Logistics and time as a trade barrier 10 1.3.2. The Logistics Performance Index 14 1.4. Summary 21 2. Data Analysis of Logistics industry and Trade in Kazakhstan 24 2.1. Introduction 24 2.2.1 External Trade 24 2.2.2. Assessment of the Transport and Logistics Sectors 29 Logistics Sector 41 2.2.3 Constraints in Physical Infrastructure and Transport Facilities 43 Constraints in the Rail Transport System 43 Constraints in the Road Transport System 45 Constraints in the Air Transport System 45 LPI & Ease of Doing Business: Trading Across …show more content…

Then I highlighted some points which I needed to focus on started to collect information and statistical data. After that I revealed the main points which needed to be improved in Kazakhstan’s logistics. The next step was introduction with the world’s best practices of logistics development and making a final conclusion and recommendations.
The Objectives and Purposes of the Study. The purpose of the study is to identify and highlight the importance and correlation of the development of logistics and trade in Kazakhstan. The research questions are the following: 1. What is the current condition of the logistics and trade in Kazakhstan? 2. How well is logistics developed in comparison with the rest of the world? 3. Which projects are implemented by government in order to develop the sphere of logistics and trade? 4. What are the main problems in Kazakhstan in the sphere of logistics? 5. What are the worlds’ best practices and how we can adopt them in Kazakhstan?
Limitation of the study. The main problem of the research is lack of data on the subject for 2011 year. So sometimes I have to use data from earlier time. The information in the resources is not detailed, in most resources the information is general, so a lot of materials are needed to be researched in order to outline the right conclusion on the research questions. Not much information is provided by Kazakhstani researchers, I used mostly the information from foreign


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